Location: SONEVA FUSHI, M A L D I V E S (I knoooooow!!!)


OK! First thing first! We’ve been to MALDIVES! I still can’t believe all the beauty and unreal

scenery of this amazing country! As I’m not very good with words, I tried to put this blog post together in more of a

visual way, so  you can enjoy our experience at least thought these photos with narration.

Our trip hasn’t really started in Maldives…It all actually started in Bali two weeks before we flew to the Islands.

We went to Bali with friends, who I later found out, were part of the “Andi’s Surprise Present” project. You also have to

know some details:

  • my birthday is on the 24th of September
  • we flew to Bali as an early Birthday Prezzy, 3 week before our actual Maldives trip

It was an extremely hot day in Bali and Teo was all nervous and shaky…I would say he acted pretty weird.

Two Gin&Tonics later, he couldn’t keep it any longer! He looked at me and he said: Honey, we are flying to

Maldives in 10 days!

And so it was…this amazing man of mine (@teobelives) surprised me with an 8 days Holiday to Maldives!

Was I crying? Yes! :D I actually couldn’t stop sobbing, like a child who gets it’s first

pet! (well, I would still cry if Teo gets me a dog tomorrow :) )

But back to this amazing resort called SONEVA FUSHI – I hope you guys enjoy to scroll trough the photos

as much as we did in those two days spent on one of the world’s most luxurious retreats!


We’ve spent our first night in Male (capital of Maldives) as we arrived at midnight and the transport to the

island operates during the day only. The next day, an extremely lovely  SONEVA FUSHI team member was waiting

for us at the airport (OMG! The communication/logistics between the resorts is unbelievable!

We still have to learn a lot!) to escort us to our PRIVATE LOUNGE! where cooled wet towels, nuts and fresh

squeezed watermelon/lime juices were served for us. The transport was extremely well organised and the next minute

we were sitting on a sea plane. The whole flight took less then 40 minutes and it was one of the best experiences of my

life! That view! I still have goosebumps when I think about spotting the first turquoise reefs and small islands.


Another 2 minutes with a speed-boat and the holiday begins. Note: fresh coconut served on the boat!


(Teo in our livingroom)

(our private pool and one of the many outdoor showers of the villa)



According to SONEVA’s website, the villa comes with a “Luxurious open-air garden bathroom with water feature, large

bathtub and separate shower”. This actually means a garden sized bathroom :D with a bathtub in a middle of a pond,

outdoors shower (which is bigger than our apartment) and massive wooden construction with mirror! You’re welcome!

Our bedroom before the mess… Well well, thanks to SONEVA’s personnel, our room looked like this all the time!

DINING AREA – our favourite spot

SONEVA literally reinvented the meaning of “buffet” :DDD with a 24 hour access to it’s ‘food rooms’

Enough said, just read trough:

Chocolate Room (at least different bon-bon’s…OMG!)

Dessert Room (ice-cream, tarts, cakes, pastry, macarons…you name it)

Salami Room ( salami, cheese and spirits – unlimited…)

Salad Room (all vegetables of the world, fresh leaves from the resort’s ‘Green Garden’!!!, pickled everything… )

Fruit Room – you already know…

Fresh Fish From The Grill

Pancake Station

SUSHI Station

Pizza Oven

…and the list goes on and on and on (all kind of curry, soups, dim-sim, English breakfast, eggs in any form…)

SONEVA IN AQUA – floating hotel

SONEVA’s baby – a sailing hotel! This almost 20m long boat villa offers all the benefits of the resort + bit more!

This ultra-luxurious yacht has an enormous main cabin with a fun feature – glass bottom spa! Yep – I saw it with my

own eyes! You could also enjoy your dinner or even a wellness treatment on one of the many decks of this beautiful

beast! Oh, I almost forgot – JACUZZI! you can also enjoy your very own jacuzzi on a boat!



THIS. IS. ACTUALLY. the inside of the boat!




No words needed! Just casually watching the dolphins play while the sun sets… :) Just another cool program you can

add to your already perfect holiday!


Such a pleasure meeting Jason Collins (NBA player), Brunson Green (producer of ‘The Help’) Jimmy Im (award

winning journalist) and Mike Dover -our dearest G&T friend :D Our holiday wouldn’t have been the same without you


Fresh Coconut Water with Vanilla Infused Vodka anyone! Two please! Thanks! Bye.

SEAPLANE –  to be continued…

Next blog post coming soon from SONEVA JANI…

Love, A. xx

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  1.! THis place is amazing! All i can say is good luck to teo with topping that birThday pressie! Ive just told my bf what i want for my next bday 😂 X

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