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Location: Surry Hills

In collaboration with MYER

Calling all denim lovers! If your anything like me, denim is a wardrobe essential!

The perfect item to dress up or dress down, whether it’s denim jeans, skirts or jackets…you can’t go


Dress up with some heels, or step out casual with a tee and sneakers…decisions decisions!

Check out MYER’s amazing range of denim below, to add the finishing touches to your winter

wardrobe this season!

You can thank me later! :)

Love, Andy xx

Look 1

LEE JEANS | denim jacket

WRANGLER | uptown tee

CALVIN KLEIN | legging black jeans

TONY BIANCO | davis heels

Look 2

MAISON SCOTCH | sweatshirt

ONE TEASPOON | black van hooligans jeans


Look 3

ONE TEASPOON | cococash denim jacket

CHAMPION | crew swatshirt

GANNI | tilden mesh dress


(Look 2)

(Look 3)

IG editing guide

IG editing guide

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Location: home

(photo edited with PicTapGo & Snapseed)

Cameras I use:

iPone 6+ – mainly flatlays (HERE and HERE)

Fujifilm XT 10 + 35 mm lens – self-portraits (HERE and HERE)

Canon 5D Mark III + 50 mm lens – full body shots (HERE and HERE)


So here it comes guys, all my secrets (not really) on how I edit my IG pics! :)


My first step is to edit any photo in my all time favourite app called PicTapGo (download HERE for $1.99) which allows you to adjust the strength of each filter, stack multiple filters or even create your own filters and save them as recipes. I’ve highlighted the ones I use regularly but go and try each and every while you find that “perfect”one which fits your visuals!


Second step is to adjust all the smaller details in Snapseed (download HERE for around $5). By smaller details I mean all the “not perfectly white” areas on the photo which you couldn’t get rid off with PicTapGo. Use the ‘Selective’ tool to adjust colours localy (will describe in more detail on the second photo) or just simply erase unwanted objects (pimples) with the ‘Healing’ tool. Snapseed is honestly GOLD!


Snapseed might seem bit scary in the beginning but as soon as you start to use it, it will be your best friend and you’ll be able to adjust all the details within few seconds. By opening the ‘Selective’ tool you’ll find three dots  (B – brightness, C – contrast, S – saturation) which by swiping your finger up & down or left to right, you can easily switch between options or adjust each option separately. As I’ve mentioned before, this tool helps you to get rid of all the yellowness from the shades which looks really bad on flatlays. Have a try, play around with it and write your feedback in a comment. :)


Lastly, (actually might be  the most important thing) it is extremely important  to have the lights set up right in the first place. As you might see the photo on the left is a raw, unedited image but the tones are good and the colour of the skin is right (which means not too yellow or not too blue). Well, I’m not a professional photographer, so please excuse my explanation. :) PicTapGo and Snapseed helps you to add bit of a contrast and shades to you photos, but without having a  good lights setup, you probably won’t be able to add white background to your pics without using Photoshop.

So guys, happy editing, I hope you go wild and crazy and I would love to see your progress! Have fun with both apps!

Love, A. xx